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Welcome to EpiWe

We are making it possible for athletes to get back in the game during the COVID-19 pandemic by having a daily Health Clearance system in place.


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Telemedicine support

Telemedicine support
Gamification and socialization


Gamification and socialization


Auto-populates vitals from digital diagnostics

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Barcode scanning for self-test kits

How it Works

Reduce potential exposure to everyone in your organization through our 3 step approach.

Daily health status

1. Daily health status

Every team member, including athletes, support staff, and anyone else who might be in proximity to them, reports their health status daily on the EpiWe app before leaving home in the morning. The app will perform a digital triage – and provide a “good to go” status to participants who are cleared. 

In-home healthcare

2. In-home healthcare

Symptomatic or potentially exposed participants are provided a telemedicine appointment at home. If indicated they will receive a self-administered COVID-19 test kit at their home.  Athletic Directors are notified which participants are not cleared so they can plan accordingly.

 Regular testing

3. Regular testing

All participants will be administered COVID-19 testing on a cadence schedule appropriate for your organization and the app will automatically update with the test results. Clinicians recommend a cadence of testing every 3-5 days.

While it is impossible to eliminate risk – it is possible to mitigate it. Spread the Word!